The New Apple TV Remote

My new Apple TV Remote arrived this morning, and I spent half an hour futzing with it. Here are some initial thoughts.

  • Yes. This remote is better than the prior one in every conceivable way. I don’t hate the old one as much as John Gruber does, but picking it up in the dark sometimes felt more like defusing a bomb than pausing my movie.

  • Pairing the new one is easy. Long press the power button and hold it near your existing Apple TV. That’s all.

  • Speaking of the power button, this is an obvious addition. I had to train my family how to turn off the TV with the old remote. Now they just press power.

  • The same goes for the mute button.

  • There still is a trackpad on the remote, but it is fenced in with the throwback iPod scroll wheel should eliminate accidental presses.

  • The scroll wheel actually scrubs your movie. This is so much better (and more accurate) than swiping the trackpad on the old one.

  • Overall, just yes.

  • Now I need to order a second one for the bedroom TV. There is no way I can go back after just 30 minutes with this new one.