Apple Needs to Get More Aggressive with Scam Apps

Recently in Australia, Apple featured some scam apps in one of their App Store promotions. It’s not surprising that even App Store marketing folks can get confused by scam apps.

Last week a non-geek friend called me about his iPhone. He wanted my opinion about what podcasting app to buy because he “heard” that “most apps are scams now”. The whole point of users dealing with the limitations of a single app store is to avoid that kind of nonsense, and the rest of the world is now waking up to the fact that Apple has let a pack of wolves into the walled garden.

I understand that policing the App Store with its millions of apps isn’t easy, but whatever they are currently doing, it is not enough. Putting new laws and regulations aside, I think the failure to clean up the App Store will lead to a crisis in confidence by Apple’s customers, and once more people start thinking like my friend, the App Store is in real trouble.