The Rumored Portrait Mode for Video

Mark Gurman is at it again. This time he is reporting that a focus of the the iPhone 13 will be the ability to de-focus the background with video. Think of it like portrait mode, but for video. This would be created by the depth sensor and even allow users to adjust just how much bokeh is too much bokeh.

If true, this couldn’t come soon enough for me. I’ve been shooting a lot more live video lately with my fledgling Disneyland Field Guide. Thus far I’ve tried shooting with my fancy Sony camera (that is way too heavy and I’m completely freaked out about dropping or breaking) and my smaller camera (an Osmo Pocket) that is good for this job but doesn’t return a blurry background. If the iPhone could give me that blurry background on demand, It’d probably jump to the front of the line as my primary camera for this task.