TextExpander: Type Less, Say More (Sponsor)

I’d like to thank TextExpander for sponsoring the site this week. TextExpander allows you to be more efficient and productive by taking the task of repetitive typing out of your hands. With TextExpander, you can use a keyboard shortcut or abbreviation to insert a snippet. Are you still hunting and searching and copying and pasting that thing you once typed out in email you once sent that would be a perfect reply to the email you’re currently composing? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Once you come up with your perfect response, be it a phrase, a sentence, or a paragraph, you’ve already created your snippet. Just save it in TextExpander, and then the next time you want to use it, type the shortcut or abbreviation, and see the snippet you created automatically expand your text. Do less repetitive typing and tasks by letting TextExpander do the work for you. TextExpander wants you to work smarter, not harder, and they’re offering MacSparky readers 20% off, so try for yourself today.