Focused on Timing

As I’ve been rethinking where the iPad fits in my life, I’ve been using a laptop a lot more for remote work lately. That sometimes surfaces new opportunities for me and one of those is improved time tracking with Timing. I’ve always run Timing in the background, but because I was doing so much work on iPad before, it wasn’t as useful to me. With the new order of things, Timing is now giving me incredibly accurate time tracking data without requiring me to push a button every time I context shift. I like that. I also really like Timing’s reporting functions.

Timing is out with some updates. To better reflects time entries, as opposed to tasks, “tasks” have been renamed to “time entries”, as that what is what this concept actually represents. They’ve cautioned that if you are using Timing’s AppleScript functionality, you might need to replace “task” with “time entry” and/or “timer” in your scripts. 

The other update is a web app update. Now you can include app usage in the Timing web app’s reports if you’re a Timing subscriber on the “Expert” or “Teams” plan. With this update, you can use the “App Usage” switch to include or exclude app usage from your reports.

If you spend a lot of time working behind a Mac and want zero-effort time tracking data, check out Timing.