You may have heard before how I don’t like to drag-and-drop. I think there’s too much room for error when you’re moving around important files and you have to get it just right. That’s one of the reasons I really dig Yoink. Yoink has vastly simplified and improved drag-and-drop on the Mac by offering a sort of “shelf” for what you want to move or copy. Put your files on the shelf. Yoink holds it until you need it, and then, without having to deal with a whole keep-your-finger-on-the-mouse-and-do-not-let-go situation, you can navigate to the destination of your files and move them more easily out of Yoink and get your files go where they’re supposed to go. 

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary on the Mac App Store, Yoink has lowered its price for a limited time to $4.99. It is hard for me to believe that I’ve been using this app for years but, alas, I have. In its 10 years, Yoink’s became even more powerful function-wise with even more things you can do with it. It’s also available for iPad and iPhone so you can even transfer files between all the devices you’re running Yoink on. Get things where they need be with Yoink.