Some Thoughts Following the Apple “California Streaming” Event

The Presentation


  • The opening video hit me in the feels. I saw lots of grumbling about “California Pride” on Twitter. However, the older I get, the more I love California. Also, that drummer is a complete badass.

  • One Hour and Fifteen minutes. I like the pacing of these virtual events.

Apple TV

  • Everyone that hasn’t watched Ted Lasso is sick of being told to watch Ted Lasso. But if you haven’t watched Ted Lasso, you should watch Ted Lasso.


  • The latest iPad Basic continues to be the best bang-for-your-buck product you can buy in an Apple Store. A very capable machine for $329. It’s probably enough iPad for most people, including, if I’m honest, myself. HOWEVER, I wish they could find a way to make it work with the G2 Apple Pencil.

iPad Mini

  • I dig the new iPad Mini. I’m a massive fan of the flat edge design and stoked to see it spread to the iPad Mini (giving the iPad mini G2 Apple Pencil support).

  • USB-C on the iPad Mini. Come on Apple … you are so close. Just adopt it across the line.

  • The front-facing 12MP ultrawide camera for iPad and iPad Mini (adding center stage) makes so much sense. In my usage, the front-facing iPad camera is way more important than the back-facing camera.

  • If I were in charge, I would have made the iPad mini’s back-facing camera flush with the device, even if that meant a lower quality back-facing camera.

The Apple Watch

  • I kind of love that the rumor mill got the flat sides wrong. I wasn’t sure I’d like a flat-sided Apple Watch.

  • The rumor mill wasn’t, however, wrong about production delays. They don’t have a sales date at this point except “later this fall”.

  • Hopefully, the new bike rider features can keep Stephen Hackett alive longer.

  • Quick charging will be a helpful feature. If you can fully charge your watch in under an hour, it will make it even easier to sleep with it on. I did note this will require you to buy a “quick charge” cable.

  • That dark feeling that overcame you when they announced the continued sale of the Apple Watch 3 was a moment where every Apple Watch developer in the universe cried out in agony. I wish they could have price-dropped the Apple Watch SE and drop the Apple Watch 3. Friends don’t buy friends the Apple Watch 3

  • No Ceramic, but titanium remains. I bought the Titanium Apple Watch Series 5, and I still wear it every day. It looks pristine.

Apple Fitness Plus

  • I use it often and got a thrill out of seeing some of my favorite Apple Coaches in the video (Team Betina!)

  • I thought with the inclusion of Tai Chi workouts, they’d be adding Tai Chi to Apple Fitness Plus. Sadly, no.

  • I know Apple Fitness is easy to make fun of, but it resonates with me for the reasons in the video. I don’t have to go to an expensive gym and deal with all of that, yet I still get good workouts.

The A15 Bionic Processor

  • I’ve never understood why they add the “bionic” moniker.

  • Apple continues to crush everyone with chip design. They have a 5nm process and didn’t even really brag on it. 15 Billion transistors … in your phone!

  • I know this is not a giant iPad, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was?


iPhone 13

  • I’m glad the iPhone Mini is coming back. But I don’t know anyone that currently owns an iPhone Mini and plans for their next phone to be an iPhone Mini. In the end, I think it is the battery life that spoils the fun.

  • Starting at 128G. Amen.

  • Midnight and Starlight are the new Space Grey and Silver.

iPhone 13 Pro

  • I like the new Sierra Blue, though I’ll likely buy the silver … ahem … starlight one.

  • I was hoping they’d have an always-on screen with at least the time.

  • The faster refresh rate is very noticeable to me on the iPad. I’m super curious to see how it feels on the phone. Apple also did a good job explaining why this won’t crush your battery.

  • I feel like those giant camera lenses are going to matter. I can’t wait for Austin Mann to get his hands on one of these and report in.

Cinematic Mode

  • Yes!

  • There still isn’t as much separation (bokeh) as you’d get with a fancy camera system, but if it performs as demonstrated, it will be great.

A Few More Points

  • Did you catch the part that the new Mag Safe wallet has built-in Find My? Yes, please, but for everything Apple makes.