Chronosync Update

With the proliferation of cloud-based storage, it’d be easy to think you don’t need local backup anymore. I disagree. I make regular backups of my data to big, slow, inexpensive spinning hard drives that I store away from the computer (with one going offsite).

I’ve tried all the tools for this and ChronoSync is my favorite. ChronoSync is the automatic sync and backup app for your Mac, and they have just released a major beta, ChronoSync 4.10. ChronoSync can back up your data, create a bootable disk, clone your hard drive, synchronize files between two computers and store redundant backups in the cloud. This new release brings:

  1. Monterey support and optimized for M1 Macs.
  2. Simple bootable backups, like the old days, for all the new versions of macOS.
  3. iCloud support.

My congratulations to the ChronoSync team on this release.