Website Transition and New RSS Link

I have been busy with a skunk-works project to transition the website to WordPress for the last several weeks. I’ve been a happy customer of Squarespace for years, but I am looking to add some new features as we move into the new year, and I needed a bit more flexibility. The website’s look will remain the same (except for a few minor tweaks). Nearly all of the changes are happening under the hood. Regardless, I’m about to push the button, and this will be the last post going out through the old system.

Once the publication goes live, there will be a new RSS Feed:

We are trying to automatically direct the old feed to the new one, but you never really know about these things. If you don’t get any more posts after this one in your feed, the auto-direct didn’t work, and you will need to re-sign up above.

I can’t wait to roll out some new features with the new site.