WaterField AirTags


For a long time, I’ve been a fan of WaterField Designs’ bags and products. They are well-designed and seem to last forever. So, I was curious when WaterField announced their own line of leather-based AirTag products. I was so curious, that I asked to test out a few of them out. Specifically the AirTag Leather Keychain and AirTag Leather Luggage Tag.

The AirTag Leather Keychain

There is, in my mind, a certain aesthetic to WaterField Design products that I think of as rugged honesty. Everything put together in a way that you can see exactly how they did it, and exactly how they expect it to last. I dig it.

The AirTag Leather Keychain is no different. It is full-grain leather sewed together with heavy thread and a metal screw stud closure.

You actually embed the AirTag in the device. There are holes in the leather so you can still hear the AirTag, but it won’t be getting scratched up like it does in the more expensive Apple leather keychain.

There are also several ways to attach it including a built-in ring, an included steel wire ring, and a carabiner. I’ve been using this ring to attach to whatever bag I’m carrying. I keep it next to my wallet and, as I’m heading out the door, I clip it on.

The AirTag has that rugged honesty. It’s already getting a nice patina, and I expect it to last. At $25, I think it’s a great value too.

The AirTag Leather Luggage Tag

The Leather Luggage Tag is bigger than the AirTag Leather Keychain but has the same design aesthetic. It comes in several colors, is made of full-grain leather, and again has the same physical metal stud closure mechanism. In addition to holding your AirTag, it also has a card for you to list your name and contact details and ships with a steel wire connector to secure it to your luggage using a barrel-closure thread.

Like the AirTag Leather Keychain, there are small holes in the leather so you’ll be able to hear your AirTag. To further protect your AirTag (and I suspect make it easer to retrieve), there is a separate leather pouch to hold your AirTag that slides into the Leather Luggage Tag.

This thing looks nice but is built to take a beating. (Have you ever watched airport personnel handle luggage? If not, I recommend against it.) The AirTag Leather Luggage Tag is $50 and looks very nice on your luggage, in addition to giving you all those AirTag features.

All WaterField products are designed and manufactured in San Francisco, and the company stands behind its products. I’ve bought a lot from WaterField over the years and have never regretted any purchase. To learn more, head over to WaterField and check them out.