The ElevationLab AirTags Wallet Insert

I’ve never actually lost my wallet. I have misplaced it, though, between couch cushions, under the bed, and in the car. So the idea of attaching an Apple AirTag to my wallet has seemed like a good idea. I’ve been watching the mushrooming market of AirTag holding wallets, but none of them seemed worth to me to replace my beloved Flipside wallet.

Then last month, ElevationLab released a line of AirTag friendly wallet inserts. They are pieces of molded rubber engineered to hold an AirTag and slide into your wallet. So this isn’t an AirTag wallet but instead an upgrade device for your existing wallet. I bought a pair.

They arrived promptly and are just like described on the tin. AirTags fit in them nice and snug, and the rubber can slide into your wallet. ElevationLab makes good stuff. This is no different.

What this rubber device does not do, however, is magically make the AirTag itself any thinner. You still have a pretty thick piece of hardware you are putting in your wallet. The insert worked perfectly with my wife’s wallet. If you have a wallet thick enough to hold an AirTag, this $10 piece of rubber will get the job done.

Sadly, it didn’t fit inside my Flipside wallet. Ultimately, I resorted to something a bit more pedestrian. Here is my wallet with a Gaffer-taped AirTag on the inside. It’s ugly, but it is the lowest possible AirTag profile for my wallet. Even with just the Gaffer tape, the Flipside still bulges a bit.

I’m willing to put up with this wallet bulge for the ability, on those rare occasions, to easily find my wallet. Maybe someday someone will make the perfect AirTag wallet for me, but it hasn’t happened yet.