Yoink Adds Clipboard History and Widget

A few years ago we had an explosion of “shelf” apps, that let you hold on to a file or a bit of text for use elsewhere. One of my favorites is Yoink and it just continues to get updates.

This week, we got a new version of Yoink that adds clipboard history to the mix. We recently talked about clipboard apps on Mac Power Users and Yoink now definitely belongs on the list of contenders. Yoink’s clipboard history can hold just about anything: text, files, images, and URL links. On the flip side, Yoink ignores items from your Mac’s keychain and all of the more popular third-party password managers, including 1Password, LastPass, and a bunch more. Yoink’s developer explains the new clipboard feature in detail on the Yoink Blog.

There’s also a new widget that allows you to copy previously copied items and they’ve added some Shortcuts support.

It’s a nice update. Moreover, it demonstrates that the Yoink developer is in it for the long haul. If you haven’t tried a shelf app, Yoink is an excellent option. You can find it in the Mac App Store or on Setapp.