Mac Studio and Studio Display Review Day

The Mac Studio and Studio Display reviews are dropping today. Some reviews of note include:

Jason Snell, Six Colors on the Mac Studio

“The Mac Studio isn’t for everyone. But for the people who have been dreaming of something in between a Mac mini and a Mac Pro, something that wasn’t an iMac, it’s the fulfillment of a dream.”

Monica Chin, The Verge on the Mac Studio

“There are very legitimate reasons that the Mac Studio is the wrong computer for all kinds of people. And as a reviewer scoring this product, I care so much less about those than I do about the sheer reliability of this device: the smoothness as you scrub the timeline, the snap of windows opening and closing, the wonder in people’s voices as they say “Wow, this is fast.””

John Gruber, Daring Fireball on the Studio Display

“I’ve been waiting years for Apple to release a good desktop display for under $2000, and in every single regard other than the camera, the Studio Display meets or exceeds my expectations.”

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