Apple’s Self Service Repair Store

Apple has now opened its Self Service Repair Store Website. The word “its” in the previous sentence is carrying a lot. Apple’s actually contracted this business of selling parts and tools out to someone else running their own website using Google web fonts. Stephen Hackett did a deep dive and has all the details.

I’m glad that Apple now accommodates people that want to repair their own gear. However, Apple devices really don’t lend themselves to self-repair. The priority is definitely “thin and light” over “let them tinker with it.” I think “thin and light” should be the priority since the vast majority of us have no intention of opening up our devices and risking breaking something or setting the battery on fire.

All that said, the pricing seems kind of bananas. It looks like most of the parts (before you buy/rent tools) are about the same price as just paying Apple to fix it for you. I don’t know if that means Apple is running its own repair program at cost or they are charging too much for parts.

The big win in all of this for me is Apple now hosting its repair manuals. While I have no intention of opening up my iPhone, it is fun to see how it works.