Drafts 10-Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, I was in the middle of a trial, staying at a hotel in Los Angeles. My email was piling up, and I had a million things I needed to handle with my trial, other clients, personal life, and MacSparky. I saw this new app, “Drafts.” I thought, “Why the hell not?” Then I sat down and made about 30 text notes in 30 minutes. I handled all the cruft of my life at an unmatched speed, and I fell in love. Drafts remains, for me, the place “where text starts.” Drafts has evolved a lot over the last ten years and while I don’t use it to organize text notes (it can do that!), I still use it to create text notes that get sent to other places like the Mail app, Messages, and Obsidian, every day.

To celebrate ten years of Drafts and to help people see how it can help them, developer Agile Tortoise is offering the first year of Drafts Pro for just $4.99 — a notable saving on the normal $19.99 subscription. This offer is available to new customers and will run from today through April 30, 2022. To claim the offer, users should visit getdrafts.com/offers.

Finally, I want to give my congratulations to Greg Pierce, for defining a new app category and doing an excellent job of it for ten years.