Fastmail Improvements

I continue to be delighted with my recent switch to Fastmail. I’ve been using it for about eight months, and I’ve experienced no downtime. It’s been rock-solid and … well … fast.

A few things I didn’t expect when I signed up is how good the iPad/iPhone apps are. They’ve got several features that I wish Apple Mail had. For example, I can re-arrange my mailboxes on the FastMail App where Apple Mail insists they be alphabetical. Also, I generally find email triage faster on the FastMail app, and since triage is about all I do with email on my iPhone, that’s great. Another nice touch in the iPhone/iPad app is that you can build highly complex rules and automations right in the app.

It gets better though. Fastmail just added some new features. You can now schedule when to send an email right from the app (or website).

If you’re like me and not interested in Gmail, you should take a look at Fastmail. I am kicking myself for not switching earlier.