It’s Time to Give to St. Jude

It’s September and that means it’s time for the annual Relay St. Jude Fundraiser. St. Jude’s mission is simple: Take care of children with life-threatening diseases and do it for free. That’s right. This is a charity that takes care of kids with cancer and doesn’t bankrupt their parents in the process. 

Relay’s goal this year is nearly $500,000. If they can hit that number, it will make the total contribution over the past several years over $2M. This year Relay even has some fun swag if you donate.

Every year Daisy and I save to make a St. Jude donation and I can tell you it feels pretty great pushing that button. This year was strange since I quit my big boy job, but we still stave enough to donate the value of an Apple Watch Ultra. The thing is, however, if everyone that reads this post would give just $5, it would eclipse my donation. That’s right. If all of you skip Starbucks tomorrow and give $5 to St. Jude, you can save some lives. Why not?