BBEdit 14.6

BBEdit 14.6 is now out. This update introduces quick Dock access to its Notes feature and additional controls for text display, usability enhancements to its built-in file transfer client, and completely reworked text rendering in its legendary editing engine. Font ligatures have returned. They’ve improved other performance features and Unicode compatibility. Other additions include:

  • “Add Bookmark” and “Manage Bookmarks” commands in the new FTP/SFTP connection panel, which will allow you to perform those operations before connecting if you want.
  • “Show Notes” to the Dock menu, which will open the Notes window.
  • Settings to the “Editing” preferences to specify alternative characters for Show Invisibles, for tabs and for line breaks when “Show Invisibles” is in use.

There’s a lot to like in BBEdit. Most impressive though is how they continue to add innovative features even after all these years.