The Steve Jobs Archive

Last month Bob Iger (the former Disney CEO) wrote a heartfelt tweet about Steve Jobs and The Steve Jobs Archive.

There isn’t much to the Steve Jobs Archive at this point, but what is there is inspiring.

It is too easy to deify people like Steve Jobs. In doing so, you are doing them a disservice. Steve, like the rest of us, was a flawed human and yet did some amazing things. Indeed, his flaws are much more well-cataloged and known because of his success than they are for the rest of us.

The public narrative of Steve Jobs is that he was a self-obsessed jerk. And yet … I’ve got several friends that worked with him at Apple, and they only talk about him with love and respect. 

No matter what you think, there is some practical wisdom at the Steve Jobs Archive. I’m curious to see what they do next. Bob Iger implied there is more to come.