The Focused 2023 Calendar

It’s that time again. Mike and I are proud to announce the release of the 2023 Focused Wall Calendar. This wall calendar works great when you hang it within sight of your desk. It’s that big thing you can look at before taking on a new commitment to make sure you aren’t already in over your head. That’s how I use mine, at least.

I also like this calendar because it easily lets me plan out the big rock projects of my year. For instance, I’m spending lots of time working on the Obsidian Field Guide over the next few months. I need to look no further than my wall for confirmation of that fact.

This is the fourth year we’ve sold these calendars, and we’ve received so much positive feedback from folks putting them on their walls. Moreover, the calendars get better every year. Here are a few of the features we’ve got built into the 2023 iteration:

  • It’s big: 25″ x 36″, so you can read it across the room.
  • Dry erase: Of course.
  • Daily tracking bubbles for building habits.
  • Weeks start on Mondays because we are not animals.
  • No Gaps! No space between months, so you can keep on track.
  • Double Sided: Landscape on one side, portrait on the other.
  • Includes major U.S. Holidays because I keep trying to set meetings on Thanksgiving.

In addition to all of the above, this year, we’re also giving you a digital download for Today’s Action Plan. It’s a digital file you can write on with your iPad or your Remarkable to plan your day with your tablet. This is an excellent combination with the Focused calendar. I’ve been using the Daily Action Plan over the past month as we’ve been perfecting it for you, and I love it. (Power tip: export the action plan to Day One!)

You can get it all now for just $30 plus shipping. Get yours today.