The Nonprofit Productivity Summit

As someone who values productivity and efficiency, I am thrilled to endorse the upcoming Nonprofit Productivity Summit December 6-7. If you’re interested in learning more about how to be productive, reserve a spot today and join us. It’s free and virtual.

This innovative event brings together leading experts and practitioners in the nonprofit sector to share their knowledge and insights on how organizations can improve their productivity and achieve their goals more effectively.

At a time when the challenges facing the nonprofit sector are greater than ever, the Nonprofit Productivity Summit provides a crucial platform for learning, networking, and advancing the cause of social good. By attending the summit, nonprofit professionals can gain valuable insights and strategies for increasing their productivity and making a bigger impact in their communities.

One of the key highlights of the Nonprofit Productivity Summit is the wide range of expert speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences. From seasoned leaders in the nonprofit sector to up-and-coming innovators, the summit will feature a diverse range of voices and perspectives on how to increase productivity in the nonprofit world. I’ll be one of this year’s speakers where I cover the importance and pitfalls of task management.

This summit is a labor of love from Michael St. Pierre. He does an excellent job and if you work in non-profit or know anybody that does, you’ll want to pass this along.