About Those Touch-screen Macs

Today we heard from Mark Bloomberg that Apple is indeed working on a touch-screen Mac for release sometime in the future. (The article estimates 2025.) I agree with most of the Internet that it’s a good idea.

Every time I use my iPad for an extended length of time and sit down in front of my MacBook, I inevitably reach out and tap the screen. It feels so natural.

Steve Jobs didn’t like the idea of touch-screen Macs, but that was long ago.

I expect another reason Apple hasn’t gone there is because the mac OS is not designed for meaty human fingers. If Apple were to make a touch-screen Mac, they would need to make affordances for fingers, which are much less precise than a mouse pointer.

If the Bloomberg prediction is accurate, and Apple does release touch-screen Macs at some point, I will be curious to see what accommodations Apple makes to macOS for fingers.

Related, I continue to wish Apple would be more willing to experiment with form factors. Lots of people are doing interesting things with computers these days and while many of them are terrible, some are interesting and could be useful if Apple put its design expertise into them. I still daydream about an iMac that would tilt down like the Microsoft Surface Studio into something that becomes a giant, drafting-table-sized touch-screen and Apple-Pencil-friendly iPad.