Competition Is On the Horizon for Apple Displays

The best news out of CES this week is that companies other than Apple are developing high PPI monitors. 

Samsung will release its ViewFinity S9 with similar specs to the Apple Studio display (5K, 27 inches). The Samsung monitor will ship with a 4K built-in camera and antiglare screen. 

The Dell Ultrasharp 32 is a 32-inch 6K monitor in the works that would match the pixel density of the Pro-Display XDR. It will have an integrated camera, but it does not appear to have all the remaining bells and whistles of the Pro Display XDR. Dan Seifert at The Verge has the full story

Neither company has announced pricing yet, but until now, there was no competitor to the Studio Display and Pro Display XDR. With these new monitors arriving, let’s hope features get better and prices get lower. If you are thinking about getting a new high PPI monitor, I’d sit tight awhile and let this develop.