Dark Noise 3.0

This week we got a nice update to my favorite white noise app, Dark Noise. I suffer from tinnitus, which means I hear a high pitch ringing in my ears constantly (in my case a minor third interval between my two ears). As such, I’ve nearly always got some background noise, whether it be a podcast, music, or some white noise. As such, Dark Noise may very well be the app I use most. (The thunderstorm is my favorite.)

The reason us nerds are such fans of Dark Noise is because it was the first app of this genre to really do it right with automation hooks, customizability, and tasteful design. This latest iteration ups the game with higher quality sounds and better features. The business model has also changed with a free version, which is probably enough for most people, and a subscription tier, Dark Noise Pro, with more sounds and features.

Users who purchased Dark Noise before the 3.0 update will have all current Dark Noise Pro features unlocked automatically. There may be features in the future that require Dark Noise Pro, but for now original users will get all of the same features Dark Noise Pro.

Whether you go with the free or paid version, in my opinion you’re getting the best background noise app available.