The End of Project Titan

This week, we got the news that Apple canceled its Apple Car program (Project Titan). Apple spent the last ten years poking around the edges of making cars and, according to Bloomberg, got to a critical decision point recently and decided to pass.

I’m relieved for several reasons:

  • Apple is best when it’s focused, and getting into the car business would be a massive distraction.
  • While I’m sure Apple could make a nice car, there are a lot of nice cars. Apple can make a more significant impact on consumer electronics. (Look at how the wearable headset space turned upside down last month.)
  • I wonder how Apple could have continued to partner with automakers with Apple CarPlay once they entered the market and became competitors. Also, what would motivate Apple to make CarPlay better if they preferred you to buy their car instead?
  • (Selfishly) The Apple Car would be an Apple Product I couldn’t afford.

My big point, however, is that first one: I don’t know how they could build out the car business and retain their current focus on the Apple products I like most.