The New Galaxy's Edge Soundtrack

This one pushes all of my buttons.

As an annual passholder, I've enjoyed watching Star Wars grow out of the Disneyland backlot over the last year. The new Star Wars themed land will be called Galaxy's Edge and, thanks to Josh Gad (long story), I spent some quality time with the primary Galaxy's Edge designers. If you are curious, I explain the story and the details in this episode of Rebel Force Radio.

This week Disney announced that John Williams is creating new and original Star Wars themes just for the new park. They even posted a video showcasing the new music with some very recent flybys through the area under construction. Disney says the California iteration of Galaxy's Edge is supposed to open this summer.

Every time I watch the below video, my inner eight-year-old flips out.

The Disneyland Star Wars Experience

I spent part of today at the Disney D23 convention where they've got an entire section devoted to the Star Wars Experience at Disneyland. I spoke with lots of Imagineers and learned a lot of information. The Saturday sessions will disclose a lot more about this expansion and I'll write up what I learned more afterward but I thought you may want to start out by looking at pictures of this remarkable model. These images are lightboxed so clicking on them will blow them up. Enjoy.

January 26 Disneyland Meetup

Adam Christianson and I get together every few months for a nerd dinner. We are both Disneyland fans and we've been talking about meeting there one day forever. We are finally getting serious about it and we decided to invite anyone else to join us that is willing to brave a Saturday crowd and shell up the admission costs. So if you are in the Orange County area on January 26 (the Saturday before Macworld) and so inclined, head over to DisneyMacGeeks.com and sign up. It doesn't look like a very big turnout but it will be fun anyway. We'll take a picture in front of the castle, have a big meal, and share a few laughs.

So how deep are my roots at Disneyland you ask? This deep.

Skipper MacSparky

Skipper MacSparky