The Macalope Weighs In About the the Virus Support Note


Once again, the Macalope nails it.

On the passive/aggressive scale, Krebs’s blog post [initially identifying the Apple virus support article] is like your Aunt Edna wondering aloud at the dinner table why you’re having a glass of wine when you’re always on Uncle Larry for his alcoholism.

Apple’s response wasn’t much healthier emotionally, though. They pulled the note.

That’s kind of like glaring at Aunt Edna and pouring the glass of wine out on the floor.

Ach, see, now it’s awkward.

On Macs and Viruses


The whole question of virus software on Macs is back the last few days. First Apple put up a page advising users that virus software may not be a bad idea. Then they took it down. I've received several emails from readers asking what to do. I'm pretty careful about my computing. I'm anal about data encryption. But to be perfectly honest, I'm not very excited about running virus software. I've got no virus software on my Macs. Some day I may decide I need it but at present, I'm just not convinced.

As Apple marketshare increases, things may change and Mac users are probably going to end up needing virus at some point but for me, not yet.