From Jobs’ Lips to Her Ears


So I promised my 10 year old that if she helped out my wife with her internet business over the summer, I’d buy her a video iPod. It worked out. She worked all summer and was a big help. A few weeks ago I said, “Okay, lets go get your new iPod”. She says “No.” She has been “reading” on the intenet and thinks new ones will come out. Like she has got some inside angle on it all so I’m all … “Okay … lets wait” From Jobs’ lips to her ears a few weeks later Apple announces the iPod touch. It gets better.

I’m sitting at my desk last week trying to deal with a case when she calls me again. “Hey Dad. They are refunding you $100 on your iPhone. You can use that on my iPodTouch.” Welcome to fatherhood. But there is more.

I’m sitting at my desk at 7:30. (Yes .. I work early) She calls again. “Dad, I just got an email. iPod Touch is coming out early.”

What a kid.

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