RSS Sponsor: TextExpander

This week’s RSS Sponsor is TextExpander and, dear readers, this is one essential app in my toolbox. I use TextExpander snippets to answer e-mail, create OmniFocus entries, prepare legal forms, pleadings, and billings, fill in forms, create meeting agendas, and just about everything else I do with a keyboard. TextExpander is my killer app.

Do you type the same things again and again? TextExpander will save you time and keystrokes.

Just assign short abbreviations to your frequently-used snippets of text and TextExpander does the work for you. You can also use one of the included snippet libraries for HTML, CSS, autocorrection, accented words and URL shorteners.

Try it out – there’s a free demo at Smile Software. And you can get 20% off TextExpander through March 31. 2012. Use the coupon code SYN0312 in the Smile store.