Sponsor: DreamShot

This week there is a new sponsor at MacSparky.com, DreamShot. I take a lot of screenshots and it is a complete pain in the neck. First you have to shoot the image. Then you have to go to some app (like email, photo processing app, Evernote, or whatever) and then you have to get your screenshot into that app and do something with it. DreamShot fixes all of the madness. When you take a screenshot with DreamShot you immediately get a menu with multiple options for how to deal with that image. You can see the options I get with the below image.

Tapping on any of these options, I can immediately email, message, tweet, or otherwise process my screenshot. The list is dynamic and changes depending on what apps you’ve got installed on your Mac. You get all of that for just $4.99. I use this app every day. If you are still not sold, the developer has a free 30-day preview available for download from their website.

Thanks Silver Beach Studios and DreamShot for sponsoring MacSparky.com