Sponsor: MindNode for iOS and Mac

I’m pleased to welcome MindNode as a new sponsor at MacSparky.com. While I played with mind maps for years, I never fully appreciated them until I got an iPad. Now I’m a true believer. I’ve come to rely on MindNode for all of my mind mapping these days. It has a simple, clean interface and syncs over iCloud with zero hassles. Using MindNode, I can start a mind map on my iPad, polish it up on my Mac, and then add a few nodes over lunch on my phone all without any file management.

I keep MindNode in my iPad dock and spend time in the app every day as I plan ideas and big projects. Currently, I’ve got MindNode mind maps for the next MacSparky Field Guide, an extended letter I have to write for the day job, two legal briefs, and a series of articles I want to write for Macworld. Jumping into MindNode for little bursts of brainstorming allow me to properly cook all these ideas and projects before I start digging in on them. I’ve written about MindNode before. MindNode is an essential tool for me and if you haven’t got on the mind mapping bandwagon yet, go get yourself a copy and try it for yourself.