Sponsor: The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Jeffrey Abbott’s book, The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide. I am so glad Jeff wrote this book. We are all using Dropbox but very few of us are taking advantage of its power features. The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide was created to help make our digital lives more organized and efficient. The guide is a comprehensive look at power-using Dropbox, whether you’re just setting up your Dropbox account or already think you’re a pro.

The book covers a lot, including a comprehensive walk-throughs for photosharing, best practices for organizing your folders and documents, keeping your files secure, and automating tasks using IFTTT. There are also some bonus products including a handy keyboard-shortcut reference page, 15 Tips and Tricks for Families, and Photosharing Guides you can share with non-tech family members who still want to see photos of your kids. A book like this was overdue. I’m glad someone wrote it.