Sponsor: Dropzone

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 10.02.43 PM.png

This week MacSparky is again sponsored by Dropzone, the Mac menubar app that makes opening and sorting files wicked easy. Simply drag a file onto the Dropzone menubar icon and a menu slides down with several landing targets. For example, I’ve got a folder I use as a clearing house for work related documents. Using Dropzone, I just drag the file up to the icon and drop them on the folder’s link. Drop zone, then moves the file to that location lickity-split. I’ve also set up an application opening action so when I drag a PDF on PDFpen, it opens the file in the application. If you just need to hold a file temporarily, use the Drop Bar.

Dropzone is a great little utility that you’ll find yourself using all day. You can get it now in the App Store and learn more at the website. Thanks Dropzone for supporting MacSparky.com.