Sponsor: The Omni Group

This week MacSparky.com is sponsored by The Omni Group, one of the premiere productivity software companies for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. If you are looking for serious solutions for serious problems, look no further. The Omni Group’s applications include:


My beloved task manager that lets me practice law and publish books and videos without completely losing my mind.


This is simply the best outlining application for the Mac and iOS. When I need to organize ideas, I break out OmniOutliner. 


This diagramming and graphics tool lets me build stunning graphics in a few minutes.


If project management is your game, look no further.

The Omni Group has its own sync solution, OmniPresence, to keep all of these tools working between your Mac and iPad and, most recently, they’ve announced they are putting all of these productivity apps on the iPhone as well.

Check out the Omni Group and let them know you heard about them from MacSparky.com.