Jazz Friday – Tivoli

Dexter Gordon is most famous for the way he plays his tenor saxophone. He was also quite accomplished, however on the soprano saxophone. In 1986, Dexter starred in a movie about an aging jazz musician in Paris in the 50s. The movie was called ‘Round Midnight and did very well. Dexter received an Academy award nomination for his role. (It was also what my wife and I watched on our first date.)

There was so much great music in this movie that they made two soundtracks. My favorite is the second, The Other Side Of ‘Round Midnight.

I used to have a jazz playlist that I often used whenever I was playing with my girls when they were little. I have a vivid memory of playing with my oldest daughter on a windy day with this song playing in the backyard. As a result, I smile every time the song comes on my playlist.

Setting aside my own sentimentality, Tivoli is a sort-of rolling waltz with Dexter Gorden pushing through the melody on his soprano sax and getting the solo just right. Cedar Walton on piano plays a brilliant counter point to the melody and Mads Vinding on bass does this trick as the song gets rolling where he holds the tempo back just ever so slightly, like reigning in a comfortable horse on a country stroll. Tivoli is a really great song and a nice start to your weekend. You can get it on iTunes here.