App Camp for Girls Quiz App

Jean MacDonald was at WWDC a few years back and looked around to see almost no women in the room. So she left her company, started a non-profit called App Camp For Girls and, over the past few years, started making her very own serious dent in the universe. Now they’ve released an app, The App Camp for Girls Quiz Compendium (App Store), that includes some of the quiz apps the girls have built in recent camp sessions. It’s just a buck and supports an excellent cause. When it comes to App Camp for Girls, I’m invested. I’ve donated and it even looks like my wife is going to be helping them set up a Southern California App Camp For Girls next year. I’m absolutely convinced that WWDC in 2025 will have a lot more women in the room and Jean MacDonald will play a role in that. Why don’t you help her out and buy the app?