Watch App Screen: X Marks the Spot

I’m having trouble with the app launcher screen on the Apple Watch. (I’m intentionally not calling it the home screen.) The touch targets are small. You can zoom in with the digital crown, but doing so makes it easy to get lost in exactly where you are in your big clump of apps. I also don’t like the way they sort themselves, which seems random. 

I started playing around with the iPhone’s App Layout screen and tried several solutions before landing on this one. The apps lend themselves to this X style organization. I’m going to clump application types together in different branches of the X. For example, I have all time and fitness related apps in the lower left branch.

So far I like this this organizational method. It makes it easier to find what I’m looking for and since the apps aren’t so densely packed, it is easier to launch an app without tapping the wrong one. I’m not sure this is final solution but, for now, X marks the spot.