Sponsor: Hoban Press and Hoban Cards

I’m pleased to have Hoban Press back sponsoring MacSparky.com this week. I’ve heard from many readers that love their new Hoban Cards pressed out of Hoban’s 1902 letterpress machine. I sure love mine. Since Hoban Press first started advertising here, its proprietor, Evan Calkins, was able to leave his day job and is now working full time at his passion of creating beautiful letterpress paper products. There are several categories of Hoban Press products available to you.


Hoban Press specializes in custom letterpress printed items like wedding invites, custom business cards and stationery. This is the best choice if you need to use your own logo or artwork. They also provide design and layout services.


Hoban Cards specializes in in minimal calling cards. This is a less expensive way to get into letterpress printing. Pick from among beautiful, typographic calling card templates. These are perfect for individuals or businesses looking for a unique and classy alternative to conventional, mass produced, soulless business cards.

There is no doubt I’m a geek but I have to admit I really love handing out letterpress cards. Use ‘MacSparky’ during checkout to receive free shipping.

If you have a unique product or service you’d like to advertise at MacSparky, let me know.