Checking in with the iPad Pro

I’ve now been using the iPad Pro for several weeks. There are lots of great reviews already out there so instead I’m going to share a random collection of thoughts:

  • The iPad Pro is A LOT bigger than my iPad Air. On paper it doesn’t seem like it. When you pick it up, however, it is something entirely different. As a result it is significantly less portable and I suspect that will be a deal breaker for a lot of people. I’m seriously considering keeping my iPad Air around for this reason.
  • I’m typing with the on screen keyboard on the iPad Pro more than any previous iPad. (I’m still waiting for the Apple Keyboard cover to ship.) The best I could do on the iPad Air was thumb typing in portrait. With the iPad Pro I can lay it on my lap in landscape and go to town. I do, however, need to keep an eye on my fingers to make sure they don’t drift off-key.
  • Split screen on iPad Pro is great. This feature alone could justify the purchase.
  • I’ve already written about Duet. I still love turning my iPad into an extra monitor for my iMac when required.
  • Over the weekend I had to read and annotate a 100 page contract in tiny print. Using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I killed that project.
  • Speaking of the pencil, it’s pretty great. I’m not much of an artist but enjoy playing with it. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever been able to take handwritten notes and reliably mark up contracts and documents with a stylus.
  • The silicon inside this thing is fast. Also, not losing Safari tabs (thanks to 4GB of RAM) is even better.
  • The speakers are much better than you’d expect from a flat piece of glass. That said, I rarely use it to play music.

I’m going to keep writing about this jumbo iPad as I use and wrap my head around it more. If you want something portable, this is definitely not the device for you. However for getting work done on an iOS device, the iPad Pro is pretty special.