Sponsor: SaneBox gets connected

This week MacSparky is sponsored by SaneBox. SaneBox is the answer to your email problems. It filters your email for you, only showing you the most important in setting the less important aside for later. SaneBox also gives you the ability to defer your email, no matter which email client you use. There are many additional features like the ability to remind you when someone doesn’t reply to an email you sent.

The point is they are always making it better. The latest example of that is the SaneConnect service. It’s currently in beta but it’s pretty impressive. SaneConnect shows you the history of your relationship with different companies. Just type in the name of their domain and you see who you’ve been emailing and how often. It even rates the strength of the relationship. It gets even more powerful with team accounts where you can search for a Company and see which of your teammates have relationships there. It’s like asking for introductions on LinkedIn based on email history. It’s a great idea and it’s available to SaneBox subscribers.

Learn more at SaneBox.com.