Jazz Friday: Joey Alexander

Following up on this morning’s post with the youngest ever home screen post, I thought I’d point out a rising star in the Jazz Community. Indonesian pianist Joey Alexander (Wikipedia) has been getting a lot of praise for his debut album, My Favorite Things (iTunes). As a new artist, he shows remarkable sensitivity. He’s not a show off and plays with subtlety. I particularly like the way he’s listening to the bass and drums and mimics their riffs in his solos. It is something that a lot of artists never quite get right and he seems to do intuitively. 

By the way, Joey recorded My Favorite Things  when he was eleven. Now he’s the ripe old age of twelve.

In the musical world, prodigy, is usually used for someone that becomes technically proficient at a very young age. I’ve seen “prodigy” jazz musicians that could nail an exact copy of something great from someone else. Rarely do you see someone Joey’s age bring their own voice and soul into the music. Joey does and that’s what makes him so amazing. I can’t wait to see where he goes with jazz as he grows older.

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