Sponsor: Daylite

I’d like to thank Daylite for sponsoring MacSparky this week. Daylite is a business productivity app for the Mac, iPhone & iPad. It organizes your contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, emails, projects, and new business opportunities all in one app. What’s special about Daylite is that it links all these things together. It’s used by solopreneurs and small businesses as well as teams within larger companies. 

Mortgage Broker, Gina Best, in Vancouver loves Daylite because it helps her and her team work smarter and more efficiently. She’s cut down on cc’ed emails between her and her assistant because all the email are linked to their clients and projects in Daylite. It’s helped them increase their volume of customers while still maintaining the same high level of customer service.

Yuri Vlasyuk uses Daylite to manage a local arts festival in Ukraine with his team. They use Daylite to plan meetings, prioritize tasks, and balance their workload. They also use Daylite to segment their contacts and send specific email campaigns to vendors, makers, and people attending the fair. Daylite also helps them automate routine tasks so they can build processes that make them faster.

Consultant and solopreneur, Chris Tossell, in the UK loves Daylite because of the way it integrates with Apple Mail. It helps him process his emails quickly and still be able to search and find them later. Daylite also helps him to keep track of calls and follow-ups with clients. In Chris’s words, “Daylite creates order out of what would otherwise be chaos.” 

Daylite is a native app so you don’t need an Internet connection to use it. When you do get an Internet connection, it syncs in the cloud across your devices and with your team.
To learn more about Daylite and how it helps businesses to be more productive, visit Marketcircle’s website. My thanks again to Daylite for sponsoring MacSparky.com.