Sponsor: Hoban Press Notecards

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Hoban Press. In our digital age, there’s something extra special about the stationery and calling cards that roll off Hoban’s 1902 letterpress machine.

I’d particularly recommend considering getting some of Hoban’s notecards. I’ve bought notecards from Hoban for both my personal use and my law practice. I love them and my friends and colleagues love receiving them. For truly special people, I even will add a wax seal. Writing a note and sending off one of these notecards lets me channel my own inner J.D. Salinger. One of my favorite notecards is the simply designed Kennedy Notecards but if you want to go nuts, Evan will help you with your own custom design. I made a craftsman style notecard for my personal stationery and I love it.

Since Hoban Press first started advertising here, its proprietor, Evan Calkins, was able to leave his day job and is now working full time at his passion of creating beautiful letterpress paper products. There are several categories of Hoban Press products available to you. Get your own letterpress cards and stationery and use the offer code ‘MacSparky’ during checkout to receive free shipping.