Sponsor: HoudahSpot and 20% Discount

My thanks go to HoudahSpot for sponsoring MacSparky this week. HoudahSpot is a powerful search application for your Mac. Think of it like adding rocket jets to the Finder. For a short time, MacSparky readers get 20% off.


With HoudahSpot you can start with a simple search and then begin adding additional criteria. You can tell it to look at certain folders and ignore others and you can sort by any of the hundreds of columns available.

The thing I like about HoudahSpot most is the way it displays search results. I find it much more easy to review and understand then the native Finder.

With HoudahSpot you can create a search that looks for image files with the name “logo” that are 512 pixels wide and were opened in the last 30 days. Creating the search is as simple as clicking a few checkboxes in the application and it always finds what you are looking for. This let’s me combine search criteria in ways that are simply not possible with the native Finder.

I use HoudahSpot to find documents, mail messages, photos, and image files. If you’d like to save time searching your Mac, get yourself a copy of HoudahSpot. They’re currently on version 4 and it’s awesome.

For a limited time, you can get 20% off HoudahSpot with this link. Thanks again HoudahSpot for sponsoring MacSparky.com.