Sponsor: PracticePanther Law Practice Management

This week MacSparky is sponsored by PracticePanther, legal practice management software for the modern attorney. Practice Panther includes tools for attorneys to manage contacts, matters, and documents, track tasks, track time and send invoices, and manage expenses. Using PracticePanther, it takes less than one minute to create and email an invoice to a client. You receive an email confirmation when the client makes a payment, and the software even alerts you when a client views the invoice. Practice Panther also lets attorneys interact with clients with a client portal, notification & chat.

PracticePanther also offers email and iCal integration. See everyone’s calendar in one central location. Attorneys can add events in their native calendar and it appears within PracticePanther’s dashboard.

There’s a lot more including custom intake forms, document integration with Dropbox and Box. PracticePanther was designed to be powerful, secure, and easy to use and it seamlessly integrates with all of the apps that attorneys are used to like Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Quickbooks and many others.

Learn more at PracticePanther.com.

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