Sponsor: MailButler for Apple Mail Productivity

This week MacSparky is sponsored by MailButler. While Apple Mail has a lot going for it, Apple Mail is hardly a productivity power tool. That’s where MailButler comes in. MailButler adds new features to Apple Mail to make processing, respond to, and acting on your email faster and more efficient.

An example of this is the MailButler Direct Inbox where you can access your most-frequently used mailboxes right from the menu bar. It’s a great way to check in on email without getting lost in email. You can even perform a variety of actions on the email from the menubar without opening mail including replying, archiving, and turning into a to-do item. Integrated to-do support is another productivity boost for MailButler. With one button you can turn an email into a to-do item and continue on with processing your email.

If you’re like me and use Apple Mail on your Mac, you really should check out MailButler. It adds a lot of great features that seriously up your productivity. The entry level plan is free so what are you waiting for? Make your Apple Mail better today. Go check it out.