Sponsor – MailButler, Your Personal Assistant for Apple Mail

This week MacSparky is sponsored by MailButler. MailButler is like an “awesome” button for Apple Mail. It adds a pile of useful features to Mail including a snooze button for email, tracking so you can see if the recipient actually opened your email, and the ability to schedule your emails so they are sent at a precise time. I particularly love that last feature when dealing with one of “those” guys that emails me back 30 seconds after I send an email. I write my reply and then tell MailButler to send it … in 5 hours.

Most recently MailButler has added task support. This lets users turn their emails in Apple Mail into items on a task list including due dates and reminders. Using MailButler’s task support, you can add due dates, reminders, and notes. All of this is accomplished from MailButler in the Apple Mail application so you don’t have to go into your task app to capture new items. The tasks feature works with Apple Reminders, Asana, Todoist , and Wunderlist. 

Make MailButler your personal assistant for Apple Mail.