Sponsor: OmniGraffle 7 for Mac

This week MacSparky is sponsored by OmniGraffle. Did you know that the Omni Group recently released version 7 of OmniGraffle for the Mac? The new version adds several useful new features including Touch Bar support and the ability to convert lines and text into shapes. They’ve also dramatically improved the import and export features. But of all of the new features, my favorite new one is the infinite campus. As I build OmniGraffle documents, they often grow with my ideas. The infinite canvas makes it possible for me to easily do that.

I originally purchased OmniGraffle for the law practice. I use it to create diagrams for presentations and legal briefs. The application is perfect for that job but since then I find I use it for a lot of other things than the day job. In this last week, I used OmniGraffle to create our family Christmas card and also some sweet new Star Wars based Apple watch faces.

OmniGraffle manages to combine powerful tools with an easy to learn interface. This lets anybody use the application while at the same time giving you plenty of room to grow. If you ever find the need to create diagrams and images using your computer, you should really check out OmniGraffle. They’ve got versions of the application for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Head over to the OmniGraffle website and download your free trial. While you’re at it, let them know you heard about it from MacSparky.com.