Sponsor: Tinderbox – The Tool for Notes

I’m pleased to welcome back Tinderbox as this week’s MacSparky sponsor. Tinderbox stores and organizes your notes, plans, and ideas. If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot rattling around in your brain and Tinderbox helps you make sense of it. Tinderbox is a powerful but personal content assistant that helps you share your notes through the cloud and on the Web.

Best of all, Tinderbox is part of the WinterFest 2016 festival of artisanal software. This is a collection of some of the very best software available, much of which works together.

For example, Tinderbox and DEVONthink are an excellent combination. You can store your research materials in DEVONthink and make sense of them with Tinderbox. Another great combination is Tinderbox with Scrivener. Organize your novel with Tinderbox and then write it with Scrivener. All of these apps work brilliantly together and are on sale with rare discounts as part of WinterFest 2016

Heading into the new year, get yourself some powerful tools to accomplish some big goals in 2017. Check out Tinderbox and WinterFest 2016 now before the sale ends.