Sponsor: MailButler – New Mail Templates Feature

A lot of Email is routine and too often involves repeating the same words over and over again. Writing identical text to different recipients is a waist of your time and a productivity drain. Put simply, it keeps you from important work. 

This week’s sponsor, MailButler, solves that problem with its new, most recent feature – reusable email templates. They’re powerful, flexible, and save you precious time. MailButler adds email templates to Apple Mail. MailButler Message Templates are customizable form emails that you can use repeatedly and they are wicked useful. If you find yourself writing an email you suspect you may write again in the future, save it as a template and don’t worry about it any more. New details can always be added before the template message is sent.

MailButler adds so much more than just templates to Apple Mail. It’s really a set of power tools for Apple Mail users. Also with MailButler you can easily schedule your emails to be sent later, get detailed information about when, where, and with which device your outgoing email has been viewed, and pause your inbox any time you want. Besides, MailButler has a lot of great signature templates, and can be integrated with the leading cloud and management services.

Supercharge Apple Mail today with MailButler.